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Isabela Huffman is a precocious 812 monthsold lady who can’t seem to keep herself out of difficulties on a check out to Guanajuato, Mexico, with her mother. She needs to be the president when she grows up. Or a ballerina. Or the president and a ballerina. She’s dramatic. She sings on the bus, screams like a baby following placing chile powder on her fresh mango and convinces her mom to buy 5 pair of new footwear for a big household. No matter how a lot of times her mom asks her to just sit down like a regular little lady, she just can’t help obtaining up to get a lot more images of her adventures. When will Isabela ever sit down?

Las aventuras de Isabela is the 1st novel in a series for true beginners. It makes use of a vocabulary of only 200 Spanish phrases to inform a 2,200-word story. Las aventuras de Isabela Karen Rowan Comprehensible Spanish Language Finding out Guide 1

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