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LOS ANGELES — Vacation Items has begun shipping the Soraya Wave by LELO, billed as “the world’s most luxurious rabbit massager supplying a completebody orgasmic encounter.”

The Soraya Wave consists of “a pulsating tip [that] supplies deeply satisfying G-spot sensations. The patented WaveMotion technological innovation permits the shaft to rise and fall inside of the body like the caress of a lover’s fingers,” a rep explained.

Income and Operations Manager Veronica Garcia enthused about the new addition to the assortment. “Coming on the heels of the release of Soraya 2, the Wave model rounds out the Soraya family nicely,” she said. “These luxury massagers are so common with our customers.”

Senior Account Manager and Merchandise Expert Molly Romeo echoed Garcia’s enthusiasm. “[For] these seeking for a luxurious indulgence, the LELO Soraya Wave is an exceptional choice,” said Romeo.