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All four of these lesbo-anal duets kick ass! There’s just this kind of a magnificent assortment of juicy female flesh here, with all eight of ‘em sporting remarkable butts and sincerely savory slit with my favorites, nonetheless, being the opening brunettes (Valentina Nappi and Ivy Labelle) and the penultimate blondes (Daisy Stone and Febby Twigs), who are all shameless (fortunately!) customers of vadge!

But wait! — I’m in no way denigrating the other brace of dynamic twat-feasters in “Lesbian Anal Asses 4,” due to the fact they actually rock! I mean, seeing the huge butts of Arietta Adams and Whitney Wright stacked upon 1 an additional, as oil is poured all more than these hazardous derrieres, nicely, it’s adequate (in itself!) to get you off. The two girls furthermore, mercilessly assault each and every other’s anus with a extended-ass red vibe, although it’s fun seeing Arietta (this kind of a redheaded tiny fox!) have Whit sit on her face and just gobble away as Ari feverishly rubs her clit to oblivion. Also, we get two smokin’ brunettes in the final lascivious lesbo sequence. I mean, witnessing the tall Bella Rolland shaking her wildly protuberant posterior — tastily augmented by black fishnets — is also adequate get you off instantly. But it’s even better noticed Vanessa Sky consuming Bella’s butthole — and vice versa! — with mentioned holes/butt-cheeks all greased up and appearing all the more glorious.

But we start with an even more smokin’ sequence, as ultra-juicy babes Valentina Nappi will get it on with an additional juicy-Lucy in the scrumptious type of Ivy Lebelle. I’m not actually crazy about the appearances of dildos here, due to the fact I’d desire to see the girls themselves do the operate, with their tongues, lips, mouths … but Val and Ivy do commit a goodly sum of time consuming each and every other’s goodly groins au normal, with the filthy Valentina at 1 point squirting her vadge juices all more than Ivy’s bent-more than-and-shaking ass, then lapping up her personal liquid from that same priceless pooper. Mama!

But I consider my favorite pairing of this lusty whole lot of superlative slots is the 1 featuring the remarkable Daisy Stone and Febby Twigs, which is nothing much less than a nuclear twat-coupling. What’s fantastic about this 1 is that the two girls have flawlessly giant asses, marvelously contoured although the two lassies are absolutely into obtaining their separate asses rimmed with tongue/reamed with toy each and every lady equally loving feasting on puss, specifically Daisy, who just by no means stops the action from rolling, and that includes her ever-quivering ass cheeks. Not only does Daisy like obtaining eaten, but she digs consuming, too! And seeing her shiny, nicely-oiled backside in the spoon position, although Febby is attacking it with an ice-dildo then her tongue — as Daze grabs Feb’s head and actually jams it in there — is total-on nasty. Daze is remarkable! The brilliant slut just cannot get adequate action! — and I just cannot get adequate o’ her!

Thanks to the wonderfully perverted direction of Mason, her excellent camerawork, as nicely as Mason’s spot-on alternatives of fantasticlooking, whorishly-performing female talent — specifically Valentina Nappi (adore her!), Ivy Lebelle, Febby Twigs and Daisy Stone (adore her!) — “Lesbian Anal Asses 4” is a excellent, wonderfully filthy girlgirl-anal title.