Aarhus Tours & Attractions


Street Art and rooftops of Aarhus

Aarhus is a truly international creative hub with plenty of fun, scandalous, provocative and beautiful works of art to be discovered right on the streets. Besides keeping our heads up while staring at the murals and graffiti, we are also going to look down at the city from three amazing rooftops that give the whole new perspective on this charming city with a character. Our tour in mini group allows personal dialogue with a guide, relaxed atmosphere and engaging experience.

Aarhus Like a Local: Customized Private Tour

With our walking tours, you’ll skip the mundane historical tours and discover the city through a local’s eyes. Experience a tour that will transform the way you travel to make it as much about the people you meet, as it is the places you see. Our local guides (Lokafyers) are passionate about their city and eager to share their knowledge and perspective. Since Lokafyers are not professional guides and tour occasionally, they provide an experience that’s authentic and personal, like a friend showing you around their city. By the end of the tour, you’ll feel comfortable navigating the city and confident that you have all the information you need to make the most of your stay.

Historical Walking Tour in Aarhus

Come on a beautiful and culturally walk through Aarhus’ charming streets and courtyards. With Aarhus Culture Walk you are guaranteed an experience beyond the ordinary when our well trained guides take you on a trip through Aarhus’ cultural past, present and future.

Aarhus is a great little city that for centuries has been the center for Jutland’s sprawling business, food and culture.

We at Aarhus Culture Walk loves to tell the ancient legends, the great urban stories and cultural facts which make Aarhus to the city it is today.

All our guides have a background in culture, history or travel industry and are eager to convey Aarhus impressive stories. You are guaranteed an experience beyond the ordinary when walking along one of our daily walks through the city.

So take a walk past the main streets, oldest churches and beautiful buildings and let yourself be swallowed up by our guiders many stories in the City of Smiles.

Time travel in Aarhus

How about traveling through 1000 years of Danish history? May be only a century ago? Whatever the time period you prefer, get ready for Aarhus stories with fun, exciting and hands on experience! On this tour you are going to be immersed in danish culture and way of life and find out when, why and how it changed through the centuries. Our passionate and dedicated guide will show you most significant places in Aarhus and the open air Old Town museum where collection of 75 danish houses hosting themed exhibitions is coming alive. Join us on ultimate Aarhus experience!

The best of Aarhus walking tour

Together with the professional guide, you will visit the most charming places in the city. City can offer you one of the best art galleries in the world,check them out!
You will have a chance to explore the city, while hearing fascinating facts and legends. Do you know why that Aarhus is the most happy city in the world? You will be surprised how many stories are hidden in the streets, buildings and corners of Aarhus. Your charming guide will tell you what is special and unique about living in this city. Perfect for those who are visiting the city for the first time and want to get the most of it!

Private Shore Excursion: Highlights of Aarhus

Get to know the highlights of the center of Aarhus in a 3-hour walk with a professional guide who will accompany you from the ship. You will see Old Town, Viking Museum (closed on weekends!), Aarhus Cathedral, ARoS Aarhus Kunstmuseum, Aarhus Theatre, Catholic Church of Our Lady, etc.
You can independently suggest places to visit or take advantage of the program that the guide will offer.
At the end of the tour, you will be taken to the ship or you can stay in the city to continue self-exploration.

Aarhus Private Transfer from Aarhus (AAR) Airport to City centre

Take the worry out of your arrival at Aarhus Airport and pre-book a private transfer to suit your group size (up to 6 people). Avoid the long lines for taxis on arrival, and travel in the comfort of a Premium car or minivan.

Surprise Walk of Aarhus with a Local

This Experience is provided by a private local.
Each LocalBini Experience is conducted in a small group of up to 8 people.

Are you ready to join me for a surprise walk around Aarhus?

From my many experiences and personal interactions in Aarhus, I have gathered a personal checklist of must-sees with my most memorable places. Don’t miss out on the chance to see Aarhus from a unique perspective and understand why I call this place my home!

Create a deeper connection with the city, just like I have, and enjoy exclusive anecdotes, tips and tricks, and secret revelations of Aarhus.
We will meet at Aarhus Cathedral and from there, your authentic discovery of Aarhus will start!

Aarhus Private Transfer from Aarhus city centre to Aarhus airport

Take the worry out of your departure to Aarhus Airport and pre-book a private transfer to suit your group size (up to 6 people). Avoid the long lines for taxis at the hotel, and travel in the comfort of a Premium car or minivan.

Magic Christmas Tour in Århus

The exclusive tour only in the Christmas period! This special times brings magic Aarhus. Together with the professional local guide, you will visit the most beautifully decorated places. You will feel spellbound with the charming atmosphere in the streets which you can feel only this time of the year! What is the story of the Christmas tree? Who was the first to decorate it in the world? What magical things can happen during the Christmas period? Have you heard about Christmas spells? You will hear miraculous Christmas legends about Aarhus. You will visit the old-fashioned Christmas Market, situated in Den Gamle. What makes it so popular? What local products is must taste at Christmas? Fill your heart with the joy and experience magic of Aarhus.

Amazing Aarhus Self-Guided Audio Tour

Be captivated by Aarhus, a city that has fascinating Viking heritage. It is home to the cutting edge gallery Kunstal Aarhus, and ARoS Art Museum, famous for Your rainbow panorama, a massive interactive art installation on its roof.

Perfectly suited for discovery on foot, our self-guided audio tour allows you to set the pace and explore at your leisure as you uncover the stories of this amazing city.

To discover this fascinating city in your own time and at your own pace just download this self-guided audio tour, pop in your headphones, open the map that comes with your download and start walking.

You will see several fascinating museums and a magnificent cathedral. You will also learn about the city’s Viking past.

The tour will take approximately two hours, but you can pause the audio guide when needed. Grab a bite to eat or do some shopping along the way.

Please note that this tour is only available in English.

Discover Aarhus in 60 minutes with a Local

This Experience is provided by a private local.
Each LocalBini Experience is conducted in a small group of up to 8 people.

You only have an hour to fall in love with Aarhus? Challenge accepted!

Discover Aarhus during a short but sweet excursion, in which you will learn the most interesting facts about the city, the local lifestyle, and the modern transformation of the city.
We will meet at Dokk1 and will go on our stroll from there 🙂

Discover what the everyday life of a local looks like and learn where the city gets its characteristic ambience from, by seeing it through the eyes of a local.
Walking through the city, you will discover exactly what makes Aarhus special! This is also your chance to get insider tips about the best cafes, restaurants and bars to visit during your time here, and learn how to make the most out of your visit.
This is the perfect experience for someone visiting the city for the first time, or someone that wants to rediscover it!

Aarhus (AAR) to City Center to Airport – Private Transfer

English-speaking, affordable, safe, comfortable ride from wherever you need — hotel, Hourly disposal or a meeting. Experience a great chauffeur service.

We monitor your flight landing time and offer complimentary waiting time of 60 minutes at the airport and 15 minutes at a non-airport location.

The Instagrammable Spots of Aarhus with a Local

This Experience is provided by a private local.
Each LocalBini Experience is conducted in a small group of up to 8 people.

If you want to spice up your Instagram feed and impress your friends with stunning shots from your travels, then you are at the right place!

Let me show you the most beautiful and impressive spots in Aarhus and guide you with some useful tips to take good pictures from your phone or camera! Of course, while strolling through the city and taking photos of the most unique places, you will also get to know more about Aarhus and learn about its secrets from a local’s perspective.

Join me on this adventure to give your insta feed an upgrade. Make sure you don’t book this experience too late, as you don’t want to miss the golden hour!

Culture capital tour

Learn about Danish culture and Art from a guide, who is an artist herself.
Enjoy spectacular views from the colourful Rooftop installation at ARoS museum.
Benefit from the attention of your friendly and passionate guide.
Get the sense of real Denmark with humour and stories that shaped the cultural background and local mentality.
Get to know main landmarks of the city in the most engaging and inspiring way.
Discover the diversity of Aarhus Art scene.

Romantic tour in Aarhus

An exclusive tour for all the romantics of the world! Together with the professional local guide, you will visit the most romantic places in the city. Aarhus is the classic Danish town, which will greet you and your partner with picturesque panorama, quaint style and rich culture. You will feel spellbound in a charming atmosphere. What is considered as one of the best places to have a date in the city? Where can you make lovely photos? You will be surprised how many historical love stories are hidden in the streets, buildings, parks of the city. From heartbreaking and tragic, to the hilarious or spicy ones. Would you go cycling around the city with your partner? Would you and your partner like to enjoy Danish pastries while overlooking a beautiful public beach? What about canoeing together to a charming little lake in the city?
This tour is especially recommended in the Saint Valentine period!